Archive of Email Newsletters

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In 2013, The Touchstone Center began sending out regular updates about work being done by Richard Lewis and collaborators in the cross-over space of nature, the imagination, and childhood.  Not only do these newsletters include updates as to the work of The Touchstone Center, they also offer spaces for further exploration, with readings, art, and pieces of the Touchstone Center’s archives.  You can read all of them below (PDF).

The Touchstone Center Newsletter (August 2013)

Wilderness of Thought (September 2013)

October Newsletter (October 2013)

Collaborations (November 2013)

Our Solstice Gift to You (December 2013)

Welcome to the 45th Anniversary (January 2014)

Cave: An Evocation of the Beginnings of Art (February 2014)

Imagining the Universe at Play (March 2014)

To Make A World (April 2014)

Where Our Imagining Lives (May 2014)

To See (June 2014)

Children and Nature: Making Connections (July 2014)

On Seeing Children (August 2014)

Our Earth, Our Sky (September 2014)

This Gift, This Knowing (October 2014)

Reconstruction (November 2014)

The Wisdom of Imagining (January 2015)

Enchantments of the Earth (March 2015)

Wonder, Imagination, and the Arts (April 2015)

A Credo for Our Teaching (May 2015)

Finding Yet Another Language (September 2015)

Archival Outreach Project (October 2015)

Our Wondering, Our Imagining (November 2015)

In the Early World (January 2016)

Reaching for the Inward Worlds of Childhood (March 2016)

Something Somewhere that is a Room (May 2016)

I Catch My Moment (June 2016)

Our Conversations with Trees (September 2016) 

The Marvel That Is Childhood (October 2016) 

A Gathering of Hands (November 2016) 

This Conversation of Imagining (February 2017) 

Seeds of Our Imaginings (March 2017) 

The Return of Birds (April 2017) 

Plantings and Flowerings (July 2017) 

In the Spirit of Play (September 2017) 

Hidden Glimmerings (November 2017) 

The Courage of Childhood (February 2018)

First Days (April 2018)

Turtle Dreaming, Summer Mind (June 2018)

The Autumn Moon (September 2018)

Gatherings and Conversations (December 2018)

To See the World (February 2019)

Gesturings and Beginnings (April 2019)

A Journey of Listening (June 2019)

A Glimpse of Seeing (September 2019)

Something With Our Hands (December 2019)

Wind Song (January 2020)

Winter into Spring: Upcoming Teacher Workshops (March 2020)

A Bird of Imagining (May 2020)

A Sudden Stillness (July 2020)

A Certain Echoing (September 2020)

One More Today (December 2020)

Light and Wonder (December 2020 II)

Inside my Eyes (February 2021)

Simple Objects: Bank Street Workshop (February 2021 II)

Towards What Lingers Yet (May 2021)

This Flowering Earth (June 2021)

Questions Towards Wonder (July 2021)

To Imagine (September 2021)

The Nature We Are (October 2021)

The Play of Hands (December 2021)

Languages of Being (December 2021 II)

This Gathered Moment (January 2022)

These Blossoms, These Words (April 2022)

In this Small Box (June 2022)

The Threads at Play (July 2022)

When the Sun Goes Up (September 2022)

Inward Unfoldings (October 2022)

Our Oldest Artistry (November 2022)

Our Birds of Imagining (December 2022)

A Shape of Knowing (April 2023)

Play and Wonder (May 2023)

An Instance of Beginning (June 2023)

I am the Earth (September 2023)

This Space, This Sky (October 2023)

What a Tree Knows, What a Tree Asks (December I 2023)

This Gathered Sharing (December II 2023)

This Flower (February 2024)