Project Description

The Touchstone Study: Bringing the Arts to the Schools

By Lillian Goldberg
Touchstone Center Publications,1984

An important study examining the innovative interdiscplinary thematic process of the The Touchstone Center during a five year residency at an elementary school in New York City. Stimulating reading for anyone involved in the role the arts can play in education, and the life of a school.
232 pages • paperbound

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Part One: Compendium

Chapter 1. An overview of the Touchstone Study

Chapter 2. The settings of the Study: Ambience and Gestalt

Chapter 3. Touchstone and the Children

Chapter 4. Teachers’ Preparations of Touchstone: Highlights of an Interview Study

Part Two: Amplification

Chapter 5. The Touchstone Experience, 1979-80: The children

Chapter 6. The Interview Study of Touchstone Teachers

Chapter 7. Touchstone in Public School: Historical Perspective