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Taking Flight, Standing Still:
Teaching Toward Poetic and Imaginative Understanding

By Richard Lewis
Touchstone Center Publications in collaboration with Codhill Press, 2010

In this collection of recent essays and reflections, Richard Lewis shares his pursuit of teaching as a means of deepening a child’s poetic and imaginative understanding. He makes clear, through examples of his own teaching and the thoughts and writings of children, how much of what each child brings with them, as they play and imagine, dream and wonder, is a necessary and profound part of our human consciousness and creativity.

And throughout he asks us to listen to the conversation each of us began in childhood, to the flight and stillness of our own imagining, to those understandings and learnings, in ourselves and in children, that continue to be the basis, the poetry, of who we are – and the nature we inhabit.

Taking Flight, Standing Still
ISBN: 9781929299089
128 pages paperbound $15.00


In the Meadow of Our Thoughts

A Summer Night: Remembering Our Childhood Learnings

I Made It By Myself

Becoming a World: Children and Their Poetic Intelligence

The Thousand Fragments

The Other Side of Knowing: Keeping Alive the Magic of Imaginative Thought

Dreaming Into Waters

A Flickering Light

What Trees Know: Talking with Teachers about the Imagination of Being