Project Description

CAVE: An Evocation of the Beginnings of Art

By Richard Lewis
Illustrated by Elizabeth Crawford
Photographed by George Hirose
Touchstone Center Publications, 2003

With a text by Richard Lewis, based on his theatre piece originally performed at the American Museum on Natural History, CAVE has now been brought into book form through a series of striking clay sculptural images created by Elizabeth Crawford, sensitively photographed by George Hirose. Each image reflects the simplicity of a text ‘imagining’ how and why humans over thirty-thousand years ago, with their profound relationship to the natural world, began to paint on the walls of dark caves, the astonishing images of the animals they hunted and revered.

The third in a series of books documenting texts and projects integral to the educational work of The Touchstone Center, CAVE is published at time when we must look again at the possibilities of imaginative expression as being essential to ourselves and our need to coexist with all forms of life.
56 pages • paperbound • $14.00

CAVE: An Evocation of the Beginnings of Art-video

CAVE: An Evocation of the Beginnings of Art
An interpretative video of the book created by Geoffrey Jones. Music by Margie Barab. Narrated by Richard Lewis. Touchstone Center Publications
8 Min, 48 Sec