Project Description

From the Sleep of Waters

By Richard Lewis
Artwork by Susan Joy Share
Designed by David Freeman
Touchstone Center Publications, 2010

Some believe that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born from the foam of the sea. And in this rendering of Aphrodite’s birth by poet Richard Lewis and book-artist Susan Joy Share, the dual themes of the sea and its life-giving abundance have come together in a unique book, based on their original theatrical collaboration at the American Museum of Natural History.

Known for her highly original and evocative performances utilizing bookbinding, sewing, painting, collage and sculpture, Share has animated Lewis’s poem, with riveting and inventive imagery emerging from the depths of a dreaming that is both ourselves and the natural world.

From the Sleep of Waters is an invitation and entranceway, a drama unfolding, to the most ancient of elements – a tidal world that continues to be the birthplace of our earthen life.

From the Sleep of Waters
32 pages paperbound $10.00


This touching treasure of a book, sublime in itself, is a record of a performance collaboration, elegantly photographed, between a poet, committed to the reality of the imagination, and an inspired artist who with the simplest of means dances with lightness and subtly across the performance space of these pages: together they encourage and remind us of the deeper ecology of our source in the more than human world.