Project Description

We Are Rivers

By Richard Lewis, Illustrated by Kathy Creutzburg
Touchstone Center Publications, 2011

What are our thoughts? How do they begin, and where do they go? In what ways can we describe them? In this book by Richard Lewis, illustrated by Kathy Creutzburg, poet and artist come together to bring a new and lyrical perspective on the origin of our thoughts—and their relation to the life and phenomena of the natural world.

Originally composed for an arts and education residency of The Touchstone Center, We Are Rivers is a quiet and richly textured journey, evoking the fluid patterns and movements of the nature we evolve from—and continually express.

We Are Rivers
ISBN: 1-929299-11-7
40 pages paperbound $12.00

…There is ebb and flow, a pulse through the pages that “turn and run”, then reflect. The illustrations by Creutzburg match the tempo, drawing us into the vortex with gesture that is full of meaning and mystery.

-Susan Stair,Instructor and Mixed Media Artist, Studio in a School

…I treasure my copy of this visionary little book.

-Addison Thompson, Artist and Photographer