Project Description

The Bird of Imagining

By Richard Lewis
Illustrated by Children from New York City Public Schools
Touchstone Center Publications, 2002

Based on a poem by Richard Lewis and illustrated by twenty-two luminous cray-pas drawings by children from New York City Public Schools, this unique book explores the nature of the imagination through the flight of a bird evolving into the flight of our human imagining. The children’s art work in the book came from a series of arts and education residencies of The Touchstone Center at the Central Park East # 1 and #2, The River East School, and the Children’s Workshop School in 1989 and 1996.

The second in a series of books highlighting texts instrumental in developing the Center’s various thematic residencies in schools, The Bird of Imagining is a book which can be savored and enjoyed by persons of all ages.
42 pages • paperbound • $16.00


The Bird of Imagining Video

An interpretive video of the book created by Geoffrey Jones. Music by Geoffrey Jones. Narrated by Richard Lewis. Touchstone Center Publications
5 Min, 31 Sec