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Versions of the Traditional: A Journal of Translations From Indigenous Cultures

traditionTouchstone Center Publications, 1989

A collection of translations by outstanding poets, anthropologists, and story-tellers, who participated in the Center’s long-term series at the American Museum of Natural History, rendering the mythic and poetic material of indigenous cultures throughout the world. Included are translations from, amongst others, the Aztec, Nuer, Egyptian, Navajo, and Andamanese, by Joseph Bruchac, John Bierhorst, Steven Lonsdale, Terese Svoboda, Judith Gleason, Dennis Tedlock, David Cloutier, David McAllister, David Guss, Diane Wolkstein and W.S. Merwin.

31 pages • paperbound

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The Shining Mountain, Translated by Joseph Bruchac

Gluskabe and Dzidziz, Rendering by Joseph Bruchac

A Song From The Ballads of The Lords of New Spain, Translated by John Bierhorst

The Dancers, Adaptation by Steven Lonsdale

The Energy of The Dance, Version by Steven Lonsdale

Just Anyone, Translated by Terese Svoboda

Road to The Congo, Translated by Terese Svoboda

Tortoise and Esili, English version by Judith Gleason

At The Court of Lord Five Thunder, Translated by Dennis Tedlock

Song of a Shaman Who Returned From The Dead, Version by David Clouter

Talking God’s House Song, Translated by David P. McAllester

Navajo House Building Song, Translated by David P. McAllester

Wiyu And The Man Who Liked to Shoot Dolphins, Recorded and translated by David Guss

Isis And The Secret Name of Ra, Retold by Diane Wolkstien

If There Is . . . , Version by W.S. Merwin

It’s Today I’m Supposed, Adapted from Spanish by W.S. Merwin