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The Touchstone Center Journal: Writings on the Imagination

Touchstone Center Publications,1997

Made up of a group provocative and inspiring essays on the imagination by speakers who participated in a series of programs, produced by the Touchstone Center, at the American Museum of Natural History and the Abrons Arts Center of the Henry Settlement. Included are essays by Ellen Dissanayake, Kieran Egan, Howard Gardner, Roger Lipsey, Elizabeth Sewell and Paul Shepard – reflecting in diverse and fascinating ways upon the evolution of the imagination and the role of the mythic and poetic imagination within learning.

95 pages • paperbound

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Introduction, by Richard Lewis

The Origin of Metaphor: the Animal Connection, by Paul Shepard

The Evolution of The Imagination: The Origin of Metaphor, by Elizabeth Sewell

Creative Imagination, by Roger Lispey

Empty Cups and Secret Lanterns: The Rewards of Idleness, by Ellen Dissanayake

On the Mythic and Poetic Imagination In Learning, by Kieran Egan

Learning and the Imagination, by Howard Gardner