Project Description

Enchantments of the Earth

By Richard Lewis and Carol Grocki Lewis

Touchstone Center Publications, 2016

Based on a poem by Richard Lewis, and accompanying ceramic plates, vessels and freestanding objects by Carol Grocki Lewis,Enchantments of the Earth was a site-specific installation of The Touchstone Center in the garden at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. As the plants and flowers in the garden blossomed and grew during the spring and summer, both objects and poem became a part of the ever-growing landscape—intersecting with each other as if they were yet another innate and enjoyable species of the natural world.


Enchantments of the Earth
ISBN: 978-1-929299-13-3
32 pages, paperbound $15.00

“…speaks to the very ‘roots’ of what has to continue to be amplified as being important to all of us if we are to survive on this beautiful earth!”

-Jane Clarke, Director of the Lower School, City and Country School

“Richard Lewis and Carol Grocki Lewis dedicate their beautiful new book, Enchantments of the Earth, to “children everywhere who will be the stewards of the garden that is our earth.” This sensitive, thoughtful message, conveyed by Richard Lewis’s poetry and Carol Grocki Lewis’s ceramics, and the images of children caring for the magical garden, also speaks to the important message that we must nurture and celebrate the flowering of each child.”

-Renée Dinnerstein, teacher and author of Choice Time: How to Deepen Learning Through Inquiry and Play.